Alpha Sacrifice


My heart melts as Tristan places his hand against my dirty cheek. I feel a tingle begin in my toes and start to creep up my legs. His hair is shaggy and hangs in front of his eyes and I instinctively brush it away and tuck it behind his ear. The stubble on his cheeks feels nice against my hand and I let my palm linger on his face. Even the most simple of interaction feels magical with him. Meant to be, even. A silly concept that I never believed in until this very moment.

He leans forward and closes the tiny gap between us until I feel his moist lips against mine. I can practically feel a gush of emotion erupting from him and entering into me as we become one with each other. He is warm and making me hotter, as I feel a single drip of sweat rolling down my spine. His fingertips caress my neck and run across my shoulder and his tongue swirls around in my mouth. It feels like we are anywhere in the world but here on this day of the Famine Festival in the Honor Woods. He is gorgeous and we are beautiful together.

His hands follow the outline of my body and rest against my hips and he pulls me against him. I reach down and unsnap my belt, allowing my weapons and security to fall to the earth beneath us. How could weapons be important when I have such a strong protector in front of me? I squeeze his triceps and continue to kiss him while pushing my hips against his. I feel a stiffening in his pants and he thrusts himself against me with an animalistic presence. For a moment he pulls away from me and stares in my eyes. The deepness of his yellow eyes with dark amber flecks of color are mesmerizing and utterly enchanting. I smile shyly at him and he grins back.