Manhandling His Brat

I straddled my daddy and he pushed my knees wide so that my pussy was resting on his jeans. I felt his hard mound beneath me. He pulled my skirt up higher in the back and slapped me with his bare hand. It stung a little bit, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when he started smacking me with his belt. I felt the leather slap across my skin over and over, reddening and burning as it connected with my flesh. Every time I thought he was done, he kept bringing the belt down against me. I was crying and tears were streaming down my cheeks, but I wanted it.

“Stop fucking crying and take it like an adult. You love it when your daddy makes you scream.”

I tried to hate him, to hate what he was doing. But each time the belt came pummeling against my ass, I could feel it in my pussy. I felt a slight tingle down there, and so I’d shove my body into his and grind into him with each slap of the belt. While I started out shrieking in pain, I ended up switching over to moaning in pleasure. I know that’s exactly what Daddy wanted, so I gave it to him.