Selfies From My Brat

“I’m going to take you, Brianna. It needs to be our secret. If your mother or your sister find out….”

“They won’t, I promise Daddy.  Now kiss me.”  She leaned over and her lips touched my mouth, tasting of cherry lipgloss from the night before.  I could feel her hot breaths on my cheeks, her teenage yearning.  I held her face within my hands and pushed myself into her, gasping for air and enjoying every single moment of our first time kissing.  Her tongue was wet and made circles against mine. She nibbled gently on my lips, giving me a ferocious stirring in my pants.  I pushed her hair away from her face and took in her flavor, opening my eyes to peek at hers — closed, eyelashes fluttering.

Brianna pulled her lips away from mine and straddled on top of me, with nothing but her nightgown between her flesh and mine. I scooted over to the center of the bed, causing her to bounce up and come down upon my cock.