The Brat’s Lady Lumps

“Daddy, touch me. Taste me.” I found myself calling aloud.  My door was closed and David was definitely still exercising downstairs.  There wasn’t much of a risk of getting caught.

I pushed one finger into my wet hole and tensed around it, feeling the walls of my pussy clenching while I imagined David’s long thick cock plunging in and out of me. The ache that had been gradually increasing within me was subsiding and giving way to ecstasy.  I had transferred myself to a different place in my mind, a place where my stepdad and I could fuck each other unabashedly.  Where people didn’t judge or find it ‘taboo’ that I wanted to suck on my Daddy’s cock while he caresses my blossoming tits. I knew that would never happen.

*knock knock*

Oh fuck.