Want Creamer With That?

Scott squeezed her tit gently and I saw milk dribble out down the front of it. Scott started to giggle like a little school girl.

“Mommy is ready for this, isn’t she?” Scott said, almost in a mocking tone as if he knew I was listening and watching outside.

“Take some of your num-nums, Scotty,” Mom said. “I want you to drink from me and fucking love it.”

Mom rarely swore around me, and it made me so fucking horny to hear her say this. My cock throbbed and bulged and I wanted to fuck her so bad. I had been jealous of Scott a lot, but never this bad.

Scott opened his mouth and leaned up to her breast, pulling her nipple into his mouth. I saw him squeeze and pump methodically, and watched as he gulped as her warm liquid was entering his mouth and he was swallowing it.