New Release: Alpha Shifted

These aren’t particularly new stories, but I just released a bundle with all of my shifter stories in one handy collection!  It’s only $2.99, or it’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  If you enjoyed it, I’d love if you could leave me a review.  Thanks everyone! =)  xoxoxo Kinsey <3


Alpha Shifted

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This steamy collection features four unique werewolf/shifter stories for your enjoyment…

This bundle contains four stories and 22,000 words of werewolf and shifter erotica, including the hit 3-part series THE TURNING and a bonus story ALPHA SACRIFICE included for your one-handed reading. In THE TURNING, Mindy meets the man of her dreams while out on assignment in the woods in Lake Superior for a college assignment. He’s got everything – looks, aggression, and he knows how to take care of her. Will she give up everything to join his world, or leave him behind forever?

ALPHA SACRIFICE: Bianca is an elite member of The Exterminators, a group of paranormal hunting athletes who train heavily their whole lives for the annual Famine Festival. she’s considered the top contender for winning the festival, as long as she kills as many werewolves, faewitches, and other paranormal threats as possible. Nothing can stop her from her mission of winning the coveted prize, until she meets Tristan. He’s a handsome young werewolf, an Alpha in his Lycan Order who is hunting for his mate. When he reveals an elaborate plot to destroy the Exterminators, Bianca must decide between becoming Tristan’s mate for life, or defending her friends and teammates from their untimely death.

New Release: The Brat’s Lady Lumps

Hey everyone!  I’ve just released a brand new taboo title between a sexy stepdaughter and her handsome stepdad.  As always, it’s in the Kindle Unlimited program!  I’d appreciate a few downloads and reviews if anyone has time. Thanks, and hope you enjoy! :)

The Brats Lady Lumps

The Brat’s Lady Lumps

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Last week, I fucked for the first time — and it wasn’t with who I’d expected.

David is a hot and handsome stepdad, who has lovingly raised his stepdaughter Cassidy since she was a toddler. When working out in their home gym, Cassidy finds herself eyeing up his bulging muscles and a different bulge down below. After going back to her room to enjoy herself, David walks in and interrupts the act. Turns out, he’s been checking out his cute little stepdaughter too. If something is so wrong, why does it feel so right?

New Release: Filled With The Holy Spirit

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to announce my first book in a Taboo area of sexiness!  Filled With the Holy Spirit is now available!

FilledWithTheHolySpiritPriscilla is a good Christian woman, raising her children and being a doting wife to her husband Greg. But she’s been feeling a bit left out lately, and while her husband is sleeping Priscilla pleasures herself. She feels guilty about it and feels a need to confess her sins to her priest.

Father Jensen is a young and handsome priest at Our Holy Cross. While Priscilla is confessing her sexy sins, Father Jensen isn’t able to contain himself. Priscilla might have her masturbation sins forgiven, but she’s going to have a whole new secret to confess….

Warning: This 5000+ word short story contains graphic sex between a priest and a female member of his congregation and includes oral sex, mild BDSM, graphic sexual depictions, and steamy sex scenes.


“I was startled to hear the door of my side of the confessional open.

“Occupied!” I called out, hoping that whoever wanted in would realize that I wasn’t done yet. I’d locked the door though, so how was someone able to enter?

“Shhhh, Priscilla…” Father Jensen snuck inside and closed the door behind him. I retreated to the back corner, but the confessional is a small dark space without much room to move around. The dark and handsome priest pushed his way toward me and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me close to him. He smelled like incense and cinnamon, and I breathed deeply before bracing against him.

“What are you doing? You can’d do thi—“

Father Jensen pushed his lips against mine, stealing my words and my breath. His mouth was forceful and he was so firm, shoving his tongue deep into my mouth. He pushed me up against the side of the confessional and I considered biting his lips and screaming. This was the ultimate sacrilege; what kind of person was I? What kind of person was the honorable Father Jensen? Why did I feel like I wanted this?

I almost pushed him off when I felt a complete loss of control go over my body. He lifted his hand and brushed the side of my face gently, caressing my cheek with his rough thumb. I leaned into his kiss and slipped my tongue out to meet his, surprised at how delicious he tasted. I draped my arms over his shoulders and wrapped my hands around the back of his head, pulling his hair slightly and guiding him deeper into my mouth. He sucked on my lips and nibbled gently, then pulled away and his eyes met mine.

“I have been watching you for years, Priscilla. I’ve been waiting for a sign that you’re unhappy, that you need something more than what Greg has been providing you. It’s not fair that someone like you is wasted carting around those children and succumbing to your husband’s every whim. You are gorgeous.” His lips met mine again and though I felt an anger welling inside me at his comments, I couldn’t help but to return his passionate kiss.”

Available on Amazon now!

The Turning Trilogy Coming VERY Soon!



I am super excited to announce that I’ve written and submitted not only the third short story in The Turning trilogy (which is called LEAVING YOU), but I’ve also bundled all three stories together in a hot package for a crazy good deal!  Each installment in the series is selling for $2.99, but readers who want the whole thing at once can own the entire trilogy for only $3.99!  It’s currently awaiting Amazon review, but will be live shortly.

If you’re curious to know what happens when lovebirds Connor and Mindy are split up, this is the trilogy for you.  I’ll let everyone know as soon as the books are live on Amazon!