New Release: The Brat’s Lady Lumps

Hey everyone!  I’ve just released a brand new taboo title between a sexy stepdaughter and her handsome stepdad.  As always, it’s in the Kindle Unlimited program!  I’d appreciate a few downloads and reviews if anyone has time. Thanks, and hope you enjoy! :)

The Brats Lady Lumps

The Brat’s Lady Lumps

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Last week, I fucked for the first time — and it wasn’t with who I’d expected.

David is a hot and handsome stepdad, who has lovingly raised his stepdaughter Cassidy since she was a toddler. When working out in their home gym, Cassidy finds herself eyeing up his bulging muscles and a different bulge down below. After going back to her room to enjoy herself, David walks in and interrupts the act. Turns out, he’s been checking out his cute little stepdaughter too. If something is so wrong, why does it feel so right?

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