New Release: Alpha Shifted

These aren’t particularly new stories, but I just released a bundle with all of my shifter stories in one handy collection!  It’s only $2.99, or it’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  If you enjoyed it, I’d love if you could leave me a review.  Thanks everyone! =)  xoxoxo Kinsey <3


Alpha Shifted

In The Series
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This steamy collection features four unique werewolf/shifter stories for your enjoyment…

This bundle contains four stories and 22,000 words of werewolf and shifter erotica, including the hit 3-part series THE TURNING and a bonus story ALPHA SACRIFICE included for your one-handed reading. In THE TURNING, Mindy meets the man of her dreams while out on assignment in the woods in Lake Superior for a college assignment. He’s got everything – looks, aggression, and he knows how to take care of her. Will she give up everything to join his world, or leave him behind forever?

ALPHA SACRIFICE: Bianca is an elite member of The Exterminators, a group of paranormal hunting athletes who train heavily their whole lives for the annual Famine Festival. she’s considered the top contender for winning the festival, as long as she kills as many werewolves, faewitches, and other paranormal threats as possible. Nothing can stop her from her mission of winning the coveted prize, until she meets Tristan. He’s a handsome young werewolf, an Alpha in his Lycan Order who is hunting for his mate. When he reveals an elaborate plot to destroy the Exterminators, Bianca must decide between becoming Tristan’s mate for life, or defending her friends and teammates from their untimely death.

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