New Release: Filled With The Holy Spirit

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to announce my first book in a Taboo area of sexiness!  Filled With the Holy Spirit is now available!

FilledWithTheHolySpiritPriscilla is a good Christian woman, raising her children and being a doting wife to her husband Greg. But she’s been feeling a bit left out lately, and while her husband is sleeping Priscilla pleasures herself. She feels guilty about it and feels a need to confess her sins to her priest.

Father Jensen is a young and handsome priest at Our Holy Cross. While Priscilla is confessing her sexy sins, Father Jensen isn’t able to contain himself. Priscilla might have her masturbation sins forgiven, but she’s going to have a whole new secret to confess….

Warning: This 5000+ word short story contains graphic sex between a priest and a female member of his congregation and includes oral sex, mild BDSM, graphic sexual depictions, and steamy sex scenes.


“I was startled to hear the door of my side of the confessional open.

“Occupied!” I called out, hoping that whoever wanted in would realize that I wasn’t done yet. I’d locked the door though, so how was someone able to enter?

“Shhhh, Priscilla…” Father Jensen snuck inside and closed the door behind him. I retreated to the back corner, but the confessional is a small dark space without much room to move around. The dark and handsome priest pushed his way toward me and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me close to him. He smelled like incense and cinnamon, and I breathed deeply before bracing against him.

“What are you doing? You can’d do thi—“

Father Jensen pushed his lips against mine, stealing my words and my breath. His mouth was forceful and he was so firm, shoving his tongue deep into my mouth. He pushed me up against the side of the confessional and I considered biting his lips and screaming. This was the ultimate sacrilege; what kind of person was I? What kind of person was the honorable Father Jensen? Why did I feel like I wanted this?

I almost pushed him off when I felt a complete loss of control go over my body. He lifted his hand and brushed the side of my face gently, caressing my cheek with his rough thumb. I leaned into his kiss and slipped my tongue out to meet his, surprised at how delicious he tasted. I draped my arms over his shoulders and wrapped my hands around the back of his head, pulling his hair slightly and guiding him deeper into my mouth. He sucked on my lips and nibbled gently, then pulled away and his eyes met mine.

“I have been watching you for years, Priscilla. I’ve been waiting for a sign that you’re unhappy, that you need something more than what Greg has been providing you. It’s not fair that someone like you is wasted carting around those children and succumbing to your husband’s every whim. You are gorgeous.” His lips met mine again and though I felt an anger welling inside me at his comments, I couldn’t help but to return his passionate kiss.”

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