Now Available! An Elven Introduction (The Elf Master Chronicles #1)

ElfMaster_Introduction_Small I am super excited that my latest book, AN ELVEN INTRODUCTION, is now available at Amazon!

From the bestselling author of werewolf erotica series THE TURNING comes a new exciting fantasy erotica series! The first book in THE ELF MASTER CHRONICLES is called An Elven Introduction. Stay tuned for the next set of stories in July 2013!

Wealthy daughter of the duke and duchess of Helmsport, Katarina Formorian has been betrothed to a man that she’s never met. During her Introduction Ceremony, Katarina comes face to face with the man of her dreams, with a little…extra.

Llayne Lithmiel is one of the most beautiful lords in the land, but he’s an elf. And he’s cold and conceited as well, making for a less-than-suitable future husband. How could her father have picked such an emotionless man for her? How will Katarina convince him that she is worthy of his love and attention, so that they can conceive the son that is desired of her?

Warning: This 5,500 word short story contains graphic steamy sex including ass play, masturbation, and sex with a first-timer. Readers should be 18+ to enjoy this story.


“Katarina ran her hand up Llayne’s arms and his soft neck, and then began to feel his long pointed ears. She found them incredibly attractive and always had wanted to see what they felt like. She stroked up and down his ears while Llayne’s tongue was running down her neck. She felt him sucking on every sensitive spot on the crook of her neck and tops of her shoulders, as he slipped her dress strap down to make way for his mouth. Katarina raised up one of her legs and wrapped it around him, kicking off her soft chamber slipper and grabbing him around his rear. This helped her drive his mound into her and let her ride it slowly while languishing in his attention.

Llayne pulled himself back and stared at her, looking her up and down and taking in the entire shape of her body. With one fluid motion he slipped her dress down and allowed it to drop against the floor. Katarina briefly thought about the expense of the custom embroidery and what Constance would think if she saw the attire dismissed like any old rag, but then realized that she was silly to let her mind wander while the most amazing man was giving her the attention she deserved.

He reached out and rubbed her breast over the top of her thick corset, and even though the material allowed little sensation to pass she found herself breathing heavily. Her bosom was large and heaving, and she was dying for him to remove her corset and take his breasts within his mouth.”

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